Taverna Horiatiko in Agia Marina Chania, Crete

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Area of Agia Marina

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Agia Marina is a seaside resort located nine kilometers east from the city of Chania. It is especially known for its great tourist development and the large number of visitors that is increasing every year.
Jewel of the area is the beach with ithe golden sand. The beach is well organized with umbrellas, cafes, beach bars and lifeguards. It is worth noting that the beach occasionally hosts and loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. Enjoy your day at the beach with the backdrop of the islet Thodorou.
Most important attraction is the Nerospilia. It is worth mentioning that Nerospilia in Agia Marina was a place of worship in antiquity.

Thodorou Islet

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Looking to the endless blue of Agia Marina and Platanias our gaze is interrupted by a small island in the middle of the sea, the island of St. Theodore which locals refer to it as “Thodorou”.

In history, during the Minoan Period, Thodorou was a sacred asylum while during the period of the Venetian occupation, the Venetians decided to build on the island two fortresses to prevent pirates and Turks to invade Chania from the region of Platanias. T
he largest of the forts is called “Tourlourou” while the smaller “San Theodoro”. Historical battles with the Turks occurred around Thodorou, but today only two ruins remain from the forts.

Sole inhabitant of Thodorou is the Cretan goat, the famous Kri-Kri that is an endangered species and was transferred in an effort to promote its breeding effort away from the dangers that lurk in the residential areas. For this reason, Thodorou has been declared a protected area and human activity is prohibited in the territory. Today it is estimated that around 80 live wild goats in the territory of Thodorou and since 2009, it is allowed a short hour visit for people, for tourism reasons.

Samaria Gorge

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Samaria Gorge classified as a national park is one of the most spectacular natural parks in Europe. It is situated on the west side of Crete and its 18km walk.

By bus, we reach Omalos plateau, almost in the middle of the White Mountains, and starting from Xyloskalo going down the Samaria gorge. The wild and unspoilt scenery and flora that you will see along the way is unrivaled anywhere in Crete.
Walking through the gorge is an experience that visitors always enjoy. If you are lucky, you might see a kri-kri, the native Cretan goat. The flora is extensive ranging from high trees to flowers and herbs. After a walking of 5-6 hours, we reach Agia Roumeli, the point where the gorge ends. Agia Roumeli becomes a place where you get some refreshments or eat something.
In the afternoon, the ferry takes us along the scenic south coast to the port of Chora Sfakion or Sougia port where we start our return.

Elafonisi Beach

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In the southern side of Crete island, you will find a magical place full of white and pink sand, an area called Elafonisi. If you decide to do your vacation in Crete, be sure that Elafonisi will be among the places worth visiting.

Although Elafonisi in Greek means “the island of deer”, you will not see not even one deer walking around. The area of Elafonisi is included in the Natura 2000 Protection Program because of its exceptional natural beauty.

Elafonisi has thousands of visitors every summer and the best period of visiting is May, June or September if you wish to avoid the crowd. In the area around the beach there are some tavernas.

Driving one km west of Elafonisos you will find a beach full of cedars, the Kedrodasos (Cedar forest). The trees are very fragile and require care from holidaymakers as this area is protected by Natura 2000.

The beach is secluded and is not organized and is considered as one of the last paradises in Europe.

Chania Citizen Guide

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The business directory Chania Citizen Guide, is the most complete and most updated business directory in the municipality of Chania, translated into four languages, Greek, English, German and Norwegian.
Chania Citizen Guide directory contains more than 13,500 registered professionals and businesses of Chania. Also the Portal is informative because it provides information about places and attractions to visit in Chania.


New website 2014

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The new tourist season has also brought along changes to our presence on the social web! Our website has been updated and we look forward to your browsing of our new website with its fresh updated content giving you the chance to get to know us better and new visitors an idea and introduction to our tavern and of course old friends the chance to keep in touch until their next awaited return.