Taverna Horiatiko in Agia Marina Chania, Crete

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The Horiatiko tavern respect and ensure the little ones and found a way to fill their time. Select a safe place with natural beauty to make a certified playground safety and a special section for parents next to the playground for full supervision of their children. It is worth mentioning that the playground is located in a protected area for absolute safety. While parents enjoy the food, drink or coffee in the external – specially designed area with umbrellas and chairs, children will spend carefree hours in the playground.

Celebrate your birthday

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A special day such as a birthday is worth celebrating as just as you would like to imagine it. At the Horiatiko Tavern we would be only too glad to organize your birthday and giving you the opportunity to spend a pleasant evening without worrying about the details.

You will be able to enjoy our traditional dishes along with your birthday cake served at the end and brought to you brightly lit up with birthday candles. Celebrate your birthday this year at the Horiatiko Tavern and you can be sure that you will never forget it!

Family restaurant

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The Horiatiko Tavern at Agia Marina Chania is the best choice for traditional Cretan dishes combined with a friendly and family atmosphere. The menu at the Horiatiko Tavern completely covers Cretan cuisine, giving you the chance to try all the well known and delicious dishes of Crete.

The atmosphere and surroundings are pleasant with a traditional tone set in the picturesque village of Agia Marina and it is mainly built with the traditional features of stone and wood especially in the large foreyard. Our warm atmospheric setting creates the best impression for a delicious meal.